Friday, June 4, 2010

White wines

White wines are consumed with lighter meals like lunch, appetizers and small dinners. They are light in taste and refreshing than most of their red wine counterparts making them ideal for the spring and the summer seasons. White wine is a hot palate favorite for millions across the world and it is for this reason, if you are a wine lover, which you need to know more on the basics of white wine in order to get the best quality and taste.

White wine does not refer to the color of the grapes that are used in the wine making process. This wine can easily be made from red or even very dark grapes. The wine gets its white color when the fleshy part, that is clear in appearance, is separated or has limited contact with the skin of the grapes during juicing. This action gives the grapes a clear and white appearance and in wine making terminology it is known as “vinification” that refers to the production of wines. Vinification involves three basic steps and they are- preparation, fermentation and maturation.

The preparation process begins with the grapes being carefully picked from the vineyard at the right age and time. This needs to be done to ensure that the chemical composition of the grapes is balanced so that the wine that is produced from them is good. After the grapes are picked from the vineyard they are cleaned thoroughly and are checked for bruises. These bruised grapes are kept aside and the good ones are used to make wine. Before juicing, the skin, stem and the seeds of the grapes are removed and this results in a clear juice that is the first step to the making of white wine.

The second step after preparation is known as fermentation and this includes adding live yeast to the juice. The yeast converts the sugar content in the juice into alcohol and this fermentation process may last for three to four weeks at a stretch. Depending upon the style of the wine that the winemaker is producing the fermentation process can also take as long as three years. The type of container that is chosen by the winemaker also influences the taste and the quality of the wine that is made.

The last and the final step of white making is maturation. This process is also called aging and this involves the procedure of storing wine to further develop its flavor and its aroma. After fermentation, the wine is generally stored in barrels, steel vats or even directly in bottles. This wine needs to be stored away from sunlight. The container is chosen by the winemaker and the most popular choices are oak and steel barrels. Each container will give the wine a unique taste as they are influenced by the manner in which they are stored. The best wines are the old wines that are very much in demand and known for their quality and taste among millions of wine lovers all over the world.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Saga of Pirate Bay

Sweden court and Gulf of Aden at its highest peak with the piracy crime by Pirate Bay. Crime committed by them is giving access to 33 copyright files.

After such a huge speculation the founder of the Pirate Bay said:

It’s so bizarre that we were convicted at all and it’s even more bizarre that we were convicted as a team. The court said we were organised. I can’t get Gottfrid out of bed in the morning. If you’re going to convict us, convict us of disorganised crime.

We can’t pay and we wouldn’t pay. Even if I had the money I would rather burn everything I owned, and I wouldn’t even give them the ashes.

I loved the last line!!!

Also next catchy line from the founders could be found on their homepage, “Don’t worry - we’re from the internets. It’s going to be alright. :-)”

The numbers in terms of dollars lost to software piracy are HUGE. For instance, this article talks about how “Software ranks among the most popular categories of counterfeited goods, and the Internet is only contributing to the rise in intellectual property violations, according to research by a piracy-prevention consultancy . . . During the month of June 2005, $91 million worth of entertainment media and software was pirated worldwide, up 13 per cent from December 2004, according to research from Canada's Gieschen Consultancy.”

I am surprised to see that some blogger did not pick up on offshoring piracy. May be because some large outsourcing firm has strong policies and steps against it and takes IP rights very seriously.

Also I am sure that the media companies will receive some cash out of it, but they say "its just for awareness", really? huh!

Many of us support or participate in piracy without giving a second thought. We dont find ourselves guilt? Do we? No, because it saves money.

But on the other hand, people involved making that songs, films is still not getting their due share. To make both the owners and customers save, do we have anything to say such as "Harmless Piracy?? "

Friday, September 5, 2008

Google New Browser, Chrome: Some unknown Facts

Latest buzz in all technology forums, blogs is the grand launch of Google's new browser, Chrome. So, I thought why not me, also!!!!
Within a week's launch, Chrome has gained 1% market share and continues to grow in a healthy rate. This long awaited, Chrome has been launched amongst great rumours which is battling with Microsoft promising high level speed, security and user friendly interface.

Some facts about Chrome:
(i) Its a 7MB download
(ii) Available for XP and Vista
(iii) It took three Google teams located in Mountain View, Kirkland and Denmark about two years to build Chrome. Catch the story behind Chrome here from the development team of Chrome.
(iv) Named after a chemical element, Chromium.
(v) Address bar at the top of the page doubles as the Google search field. and is known as OmniBox, it integrates the traditional browser address bar with a search box. (This is interesting)
(vi) Available in Beta in more than 42 languages, across 100 countries. To mention some, it includes Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish .
(vii) Written in C++ language.

Some not-so-good facts about Chrome:
(i) There's a help center but no support desk to call or send email.
(ii) Chrome does not support ad blocker.
(iii) There is also no feature to store and track web-content as snippets
(iv) There is no download manager. There is one in the footer but still not very significant

Replication of FireFox?
Google has mixed its new developments like the multi-threaded JavaScript engine V8, with pieces developed by other open source projects, like Apple's WebKit and Mozilla's Firefox. Well, we can assume that Apple's webkit is the core rendering engine for Google Chrome.

Well, lets see whats the full version of Google Chrome offers. We are waiting..

Read a book on Google Chrome, from Google
Download Chrome

Friday, January 11, 2008

Tinkle, A new Fun

Tinkle in itself means a clink in your stomach. .... Tinkle is favorite comic book for all the young children people because the Tinkle comics offers a variety of books to all its readers. People can also download the books from the famous AMAZON.COM. In Amazon, you will find used books, new books and millions of other books.

This comic books boast asterix, tintin, comics, purchase, india, amar chitra katha, indian history, indian books, indian culture, asterix, tintin and many others. From science, animals, ancient people, facts provides us with a rich and healthy comedy. Tinkle comics are the first ever growing selection at Navrang.

These comics are published by India Book House and edited by the famous and knowledgeable Anant Pai, extremely plain with children in India. Each book is packed with 96 colorful, fun pages with comics and additional features like ’’Fact Fantasy,’’ ’’It Happened to Me,’’ and ’’Tinkle Tricks and Treats.’’ The most awaited section of mine is ?It happened to me?, after reading it not a single word seems contrived or unreal or cooked up.

The original book can be bought at a small price of just Rs. 40. A brief introduction about the author of this popular author: Anant Pai was born in Karnataka, India, in 1937. He was very intimate with books since childhood but he also had a passion for publishing and comics. In 1954, he started a career in editing and publishing, finally becoming a junior executive in the Times of India Books Division. In 1967, the educational comics? series Amar Chitra Katha was launched. Anant Pai not only conceived of all of these, but also wrote the scenarios for most of them. The books continue to be an International success.

In 1969, Anant Pai founded Rang Rekha Features, India’s first comic and cartoon syndicate, and started the children’s magazine Tinkle in 1980. Anant Pai, often affectionately called Uncle Pai, is generally considered to be the father of Indian comics. Book: This funny-cum-enlightened book is best for students (of all ages), and also for people who loves reading light comics. Tinkle is also light to carry and easy to hold is the best entertainer for long journeys.

I read these (tinkle) a lot, when I am outdoors as I am sick of reading filmy magazines and other magazines as I regard them as advertisements-filled articles. As per my knowledge there are more than 200 collections of tinkle made especially for people like me. So Get Going??


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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Santro Zing-- Add zings to your life.. !!!

You won’t believe when I first saw the model I hated it and was always the first person to curse about it (I used to resemble it with an auto rickshaw) whenever the discussion about the same started.

But now Santro zing features in my list of best cars on the busy roads. Now you people would be wondering what the reason for this drastic change is???? This is because when my uncle bought it within few days of its launch (because he liked everything about it) and I had many chances to take a ride in it. There was a special kind of involvement, and the entire look and feel of the Zing was different and I simply loved it.

Once we went to the nearby shopping mall there was an endless procession of people commenting on the car. It was simply great and the upcoming comments on it was very much on the positive side and I started to feel that there is something new and diverse about it that differentiates it from rest of the cars in its class. Yes many people do say that Zing is like the old Santro but I strongly say oppose them. Of course there are things that are same but installed with the most up-to-date techniques. The major facelift of the new one is that it has got a new front end and a revised rear end.

Gone is the grumpy look and there is an innovative contemporary look and styled. The designers worked over a year at Hyundai Korea to give an extensive redesign to the Santro Zing. All new Santro comes with loads of new advanced features like:

• Adjustable front seats and dual folding rear seats
• New grille, bumper and headlamp treatment
• Better vents, a new three-spoke steering wheel and sporty dials
• Newly designed ergonomic handrest, a rear parcel shelf and a luggage lamp
• Power controls for the rear windows and that is really useful cargo space
• Five-speed gearbox which features ultra-light weight rear train
• High performance torque converter and hydraulic-electronic control
• Urban commute is even better

Some of the parts that need some discussion are:

Ventilated Disc Brakes : It cools down much faster, thus making dependable brakes performance.

Distributors Ignition System (DLI) Multi-point Fuel Injection System with Multi Valves: Its 12V SOHC Epsilon engine and its impressive power-to- weight ratio. Its in-Line 4 cylinder, 1086cc engine is fired by a distributor less Ignition System (DLI), developing 63ps @ 5500rpm and 9.1kgm of torque @ 3O00rpm.

Aerodynamic Styling: Ensures maximum fuel economy, specially designed large radiator grille and massive bumper air dam maximizes airflow into the radiator.

Safety Frame Zone: A pair of ultra-high strength steel members is built.

Antilock Braking System: Santro is the only compact car in India to offer world class antilock brakes

It is not that there are no bad features. The Disadvantages are as follows:

• headlamps seem disproportionately big
• dash and the central console is more or less the same
• Wheelbase stays the same

Maybe these are the only two negatives that I found in the too good small car. The fuel consumption of this car is average that gives a good mileage over the busy roads.

People who loves small car and does not want to take the hassle of parking should go for this, this car is for the trend setters and for those who wants to be different yet very elegant. Hence people having self drive cars should definitely take it up.

Hyundai’s creation Santro is longer by about 70 mm and wider by 30 mm. The engine stays the same peppy 1.1 Epsilon unit: inline four with three valves per cylinder, displacing 1086 CC, developing 62 bhp at 5500 revs and 9.1 kgm of torque at 4000 rpm.

The power delivery is just about adequate especially on bad roads. When viewing the profile Santro carries the fame of possessing “Roomy interiors, maximizing personal space, ’intelligent’ power train system and it offers relaxed way to busy city motoring”.

Santro averages a sales figure of about 7,000 units a month, and is one the leader in its segment. The ex-showroom price of Rs 3, 46,368 in Mumbai and Rs 3, 29,721 in Delhi (it is possible that the prices have changed).

Hence Santro Zing is the talk of the town and has definitely revitalized the sales and extends its life for some more years. You’ll end up resting your body and arm on the bluches of the windows and assuming as a relaxed posture.

Now! Enjoy the freedom most.


Monday, September 3, 2007

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