Friday, September 5, 2008

Google New Browser, Chrome: Some unknown Facts

Latest buzz in all technology forums, blogs is the grand launch of Google's new browser, Chrome. So, I thought why not me, also!!!!
Within a week's launch, Chrome has gained 1% market share and continues to grow in a healthy rate. This long awaited, Chrome has been launched amongst great rumours which is battling with Microsoft promising high level speed, security and user friendly interface.

Some facts about Chrome:
(i) Its a 7MB download
(ii) Available for XP and Vista
(iii) It took three Google teams located in Mountain View, Kirkland and Denmark about two years to build Chrome. Catch the story behind Chrome here from the development team of Chrome.
(iv) Named after a chemical element, Chromium.
(v) Address bar at the top of the page doubles as the Google search field. and is known as OmniBox, it integrates the traditional browser address bar with a search box. (This is interesting)
(vi) Available in Beta in more than 42 languages, across 100 countries. To mention some, it includes Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish .
(vii) Written in C++ language.

Some not-so-good facts about Chrome:
(i) There's a help center but no support desk to call or send email.
(ii) Chrome does not support ad blocker.
(iii) There is also no feature to store and track web-content as snippets
(iv) There is no download manager. There is one in the footer but still not very significant

Replication of FireFox?
Google has mixed its new developments like the multi-threaded JavaScript engine V8, with pieces developed by other open source projects, like Apple's WebKit and Mozilla's Firefox. Well, we can assume that Apple's webkit is the core rendering engine for Google Chrome.

Well, lets see whats the full version of Google Chrome offers. We are waiting..

Read a book on Google Chrome, from Google
Download Chrome

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